Featuring: Jade Mere, Artist


Jade Mere is a 30 year-old artist with a beautifully unique style. She first joined DeviantArt back in 2005, and she credits the artists she discovered on that site for inspiring her to take up painting. She originally started out doing traditional art, but has since taken to using Photoshop to create the stunning works of art she is most known for today.

She has had a little formal education, attending the Art blue_by_jademere-d7t53mwCenter College of Design in Pasadena, CA for about a year and a half before life circumstances forced her to drop her visual arts pursuits and continue her education with a focus on writing instead. She continued to teach herself how to paint after that, and continues to create beautiful works of art as a hobbyist.

What draws me most to her artwork is her unique style surrounding use of luminescence and stunning contrast. She really has a natural skill for painting animals, but her human subjects are just as beautiful and well-composed. The abstract and surreal themes of her paintings have always captured my interest, and I find myself featuring her work in my journals on DeviantART very often, so she was the first artist to come to mind when I decided I wanted to start doing individual artist features here on my blog.

She does take commissions, and you can find all of her commission information here. Along with her DeviantArt account, she has her own website, and she also offers free art tutorials on her YouTube channel. She allows people to use her artwork for personal use, and copyrights can be bought from her if you would like to use her work commercially. Please take a look at her rules before you use her work. She is very generous with her talents, which is very rare among artists at her skill level.

Please take a moment to browse her DeviantArt gallery and add her to your watch list! You won’t be disappointed.


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Featured image at the top of this article page: “Boy in the Water”, JadeMere on DeviantART

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