Attention Parents with Disabilities:

Foster Moms and Dads- Can we talk about something kinda heavy really quick?

I really want to adopt eventually. Justin does, too. We can’t have children of our own because my health is too poor for me to become pregnant. I love kids, and I think Justin and I will be excellent parents. The thing that has me worried is the fact that my health has me held back so much. I can’t legally drive because my vision is too poor, and it is not uncommon for me to be really incapacitated when the fatigue gets bad enough. It’s unpredictable, and I am unreliable. I am afraid that this is going to severely impact my ability to be a good parent. Justin has assured me that he is more than happy to pick up where I fall behind (parenting is a shared responsibility, after all), but I am still nervous about it.

From your experiences raising kids, is this something that I should really be afraid of? I’m looking for honesty here, not fluff or blind reassurance. I don’t know anyone with a disability who has been able to raise kids without major difficulties.

The more time goes on, the more I feel a longing to be a parent to a child that needs one. I don’t feel comfortable committing to that or getting my hopes up if I can’t do it. I’ve never been so nervous about anything else in my life.


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