January Art Dump 2019

Here is everything I created this month! I’m going to try to do this at the end of every month to keep myself motivated to improve! As you can see, a lot of what I have here is just sketching practice.


4 thoughts on “January Art Dump 2019

  1. I love it all & especially the bright colors in the cat painting! It makes me want to dive back into the portraiture I dabbled in, last summer. P.S: You asked once about my blog & website at a Nano write-in (I’m Wombatrider) … it’s jen.sky-song.org (I have kinda gone off about my boyfriend’s mom in the past, a lot on my blog so didn’t want to mention that in front of him that day sooooo….I was like “Oh I never blog not ever!” basically but the blog is ceruleanscenes.tumblr.com )

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    • Ah! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! Good to see you here! I’ll check out your blog some time! I have a tumblr, but I never use it, so forgive me if I don’t keep up with your tumblr posts! I promise I will check it out though!


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