Streaming Announcement

My trusty ol’ laptop is turning into a dusty ol’ craptop, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to do digital art streams for a while. It just does not want to run Photoshop and Streamlabs OBS together anymore. The good news is I just bought some extra equipment for my stream so that I can do more traditional art until I am able to get a new computer.

I should have a verdict on my disability hearing by June, and I believe backpay has a 60 day wait after that. When it arrives, I will be getting a beefy new computer for streaming, as well as a Cintiq pro 24HD with the module that turns it into a powerful all-in-one PC, and an Elgato to connect the two computers. When I have that setup, digital art streams will be a thing again.

I apologize to anyone who might be let down that I can’t stream digital art anymore BUT I promise the projects I do have on my plate at the moment WILL be completed, I just can’t stream while I work on them unfortunately.


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