March Art Dump 2019

That leather journal I started at the end of last month turned out great, so I decided to go all in and dedicate the majority of my artistic energy to learning leathercrafting. The pyrography was fun as well, but I have to be honest, I’m not really enjoying the pyrography tool I got. It’s uncomfortable to hold, and the tool tips aren’t as versatile as I had hoped. I think I might eventually buy a different burning tool, but for now I am focusing more on stamping and painting some handmade leather journals.

Anyway, here is this month’s art dump, starting with the aforementioned leather journal:

After that project was complete, I was all out of leather but I still wanted to try burning with my tool, so I did a woodburning project featuring Gandalf and Bilbo overlooking the shire with my favorite quote from The Hobbit:

I recently got a lot more leather and have been making some more journals. I would like to be able to sell them, but I am afraid that might not be allowed now that I have won my disability case. I’m going to have to find out what I am and am not allowed to do, but for now I am just making these journals because it makes me happy. I haven’t finished any more just yet, and I’ve decided not to post work in progress pictures in these monthly art dumps, but you can follow my progress on my Instagram.

Other than the leatherwork in progress, I have done a few sketches and digital doodles:


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