April Art Dump 2019

April was a month of leather journal making and realizing that I actually lack the stamina required to do leatherwork on any sort of consistent basis. It’s a little disheartening, but I take a lot of pride in the fact that when I am able to sit down and create a journal, they come out well enough that people ask to buy them. I have had numerous requests to take commissions, but I am going to have to turn them down. I just can’t keep up with the demanding physical labor involved in leatherworking. I have a lot of supplies and leather left over from my Tandy Leather excursion, so I will likely create more leather crafts in the future, but I will have to do so sparingly in the interest of my health.

Here are the journals I created, and some happy customers that purchased them at a vendor event that I attended.





As fun as that event was, I am not going to do that again. The long hours left me ill for a few days afterwards. I still plan to attend the farmers’ market, but that is only four hours long once a week. That, I can handle. Usually. Trying to be realistic here.

Leather journals aside, I also completed a few digital and traditional art sketches and doodles:




I’ve been making a habit of riding my bike down to the end of the bike trail near my house and streaming to my Twitch channel while I relax by the river. I pack up some art supplies and sketch, paint, or take photos with my camera. Here are the results of my riverside streams so far this month:

Of all the art I have done this month, one painting in particular stands out to me. “Chronic” is a piece that expresses what it is like to live with an invisible chronic illness. You can see larger pictures of it and read all about it here.
long chronic

What’s next? Now that I have won my disability case and will be receiving SSI, I have plans to allow myself to really delve deep into my creative side. I can now afford to get a nicer quality graphics tablet for digital art, and I have plans to take a short undergraduate class this fall in order to learn some useful techniques and hopefully improve on those digital art skills. My muse is likely to run wild with its newly granted freedom, and my art is going to reflect that for sure.

As for my streams- I have been finding it too difficult to stick to a predetermined schedule, so instead of attempting to be so consistent, I am going to just stream as I am feeling up to it. I know that not having set hours is going to harm my viewership, but I have to do what my body will allow. Regardless, I plan to continue to do JackBox games every wednesday at 2pm as long as my health cooperates, that way you guys can know for sure when we’ll be getting together to play those party games.

That’s all I’ve got for you this month. See you all in May!




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