Upcoming Rare Disease Awareness Stream

🚨 Stream Announcement 🚨

I’m always cautious about making plans to schedule a stream because my body likes to be as spontaneous as I am 🤣 but I wanted to give you guys a heads up that a couple friends and I are planning on having a special rare disease awareness stream on August 14th starting around 1:30-2pm EST. Please add that to your calendar! ❤️ This will take place on my Twitch channel. Please consider following and turning on notifications so you will be alerted when I go live!

Both my guests joining me that day have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) so we are going to be focusing on EDS awareness specifically during that stream, but anyone is welcome to chat with us and share their experiences with any chronic illnesses or rare conditions as well!

I have come up with some really cute graphic designs for stickers, clothing, and other prints to make available on Redbubble for the zebra / spoonie community! I’ll be working on those designs during that stream.


Redbubble charges you for the products and services, but I have everything set to have 0% markup so I don’t get a dime from this, and I have all of my designs available for free download as well. I am here to help educate and spread awareness, not to make money.

Also, any donations given to me by viewers during this stream on the 14th will go to a charity that supports research and assistance for those who are affected by rare disorders. I don’t feel comfortable taking money for myself while spreading awareness. I am not sponsored by or partnered with The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), but that is the group I have in mind to send the donations to. (I can’t transfer Twitch bits to money so unfortunately those won’t count for donations to charity if I receive any.)


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