Rare Disease Day 2021 YouTube Livestream and Valheim Giveaway!

I’ll be hosting a live stream on YouTube to raise awareness for Rare Disease Day. I’ll read aloud patient stories found on the official Rare Disease Day website and encourage viewers to donate to causes that benefit patients living with rare diseases. During the stream, I’ll play Valheim to pass the time while chatting with viewers about their own experiences with rare diseases, and just generally discussing the topic, and I’ll give away one free copy of Valheim to one lucky chat participant just for hanging out and learning about Rare Disease Day!


10am EST: Stream starts with a little introduction and some Rare Disease Day promotional videos!
Next: I’ll read patient stories and share my own story as well, and we’ll just chat for a little bit about life with a rare disease.
When I feel like I need to give my eyes a rest, I’ll take a short break to get up and move around and give my eyes a break from the screens for a bit.
When I return, I’ll talk a little bit about some of the work I’ve been doing for NORD and share what they are doing to improve the lives of people living with rare diseases, and provide some info on how you can get started as an advocate!
After that, I’ll start up a game of Valheim and play that for about an hour while we chat about rare disease day! I’ll announce the start of the Valheim game giveaway, which will occur at the END of the stream, but anyone who enters the keyword any time during the stream is eligible to win.
I’ll take a quick break for lunch, and I’ll have some informative videos playing until I return. (About 15-20 minutes).
When I return, I’ll read some more patient stories and chat with viewers about Rare Disease Day for a while and encourage everyone to get involved in spreading awareness, or donate to a Rare Disease Nonprofit of your choice.
Next, I’ll draw the winner for the Valheim giveaway and send them their game. This will be a Steam gift, so you will only be able to receive the game if you have a Steam account and add me as a friend (it’s free, and you can remove me as a friend after you receive your prize if you wish! My Steam username is InsomniaDoodles).
At this point, if I’m too fatigued to continue, I’ll end the stream. If I feel like I can keep going, we’ll do that, and I’ll just play the rest of the stream by ear. Stay tuned! More details to come!

I am a volunteer for the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD)’s Rare Action Network. While I will be mentioning them several times, I’m not acting as an official representative for this organization during this stream. All opinions shared are my own and do not necessarily reflect the official positions of NORD or the Rare Action Network. You can lean more about NORD at rarediseases.org


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