Get Featured

Are you an artist, photographer, or writer who could use a signal boost?

Well, I can probably give you a hand. I love sharing other peoples’ work, so I might write a feature article about you!

It’s free, and I get no ad revenue from sharing your work on my site. I just like spreading the word about talented artists! I do have a few requirements that must be met, though.

I only feature artists who create quality, stunning works of art. This can be touchy, because not everyone has access to resources that can make the difference between a high-quality upload and a blurry snapshot from a cell phone. That, and everyone is at different levels when it comes to skill. You may really make awesome work and have a lot of potential, but you might not be at the level of quality I look for when I want to feature someone. EVERY artist has value, so I don’t want anyone to be discouraged if I decline a request for a feature. I do want to focus on featuring artists who create high quality work, so some will inevitably be denied based on my requirements. I’m sorry about that, and I hope you will understand! Please don’t be discouraged. If you want to be featured, send in a feature request form! If you don’t meet my requirements, that’s okay! No love will be lost, and I may feature you on DeviantART or Twitter instead!

I DO NOT feature sexually explicit, racist, or discriminatory work on my site.

You can nominate other artists to be featured as well! I highly encourage this.


Here is what you need to do to get featured: 

Fill out this feature request form, and send it to me by tweet, Facebook Messenger, or via note on DeviantArt:

  • Name or username:
  • Age: (optional)
  • Country: (optional)
  • Gender: (optional)
  • Medium: (What kind of art do you do?)
  • Websites: (Add as many as you want!)
  • Tell me a little about yourself… (How long have you been doing this? What is your favorite medium/ what tools do you use? Have you had any formal education?, etc.)
  • Do you take commissions? Where can people go to purchase your work?
  • Are there any specific pieces you want me to feature?

That’s it. I will review your request form and reply to you when I have made my decision. I may ask for a more in-depth interview if I need more information from you. Because I’m wary of viruses, I will not open any emails that have attachments, so please do not add any.