Birthday success!

Thanks for joining me for the birthday stream! I had an awesome time. There were so many laughs all through the night, I lost track of time and didn't realize until the end that I had streamed for three hours straight! I feel like absolute hell this morning, but it was SOO worth it! ❤ … Continue reading Birthday success!


New painting, “Chronic”, playfully showcases life with chronic illness

I completed a new painting today. I used a combination of watercolor, acrylics, and oil markers on a 24x48" wrapped canvas. It will be on display at the Whitewater Valley Arts Association's regional show this May. I have not decided yet whether or not I will be selling it. This is a commentary on what … Continue reading New painting, “Chronic”, playfully showcases life with chronic illness

Adrenal Insufficiency Awareness Month

Adrenal Insufficiency United has named April as Adrenal Insufficiency Awareness month. In honor of that, I’ll share some facts about my condition, Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency (SAI): 🔹My SAI was caused by my congenital panhypopituitarism. Basically, my pituitary gland does not function sufficiently enough for survival without assistance. This means my Adrenal glands do not receive … Continue reading Adrenal Insufficiency Awareness Month