Setting goals for 2019

It may seem a little silly for someone who struggles with a disability to "set goals". I think that for the most part, society expects disabled individuals to just sit at home and do nothing. They can't work. They can't do the same things neurotypical folks can do, so why would they focus on setting … Continue reading Setting goals for 2019


I tried. (Puppy love VS Chronic Illness)

Puppies. ❤ They are adorable, entertaining, and in this case, intelligent, balls of energy. They can also grow up to be the perfect service dog and companion, under the right circumstances. That was my hope when Justin and I adopted Kubrow, a 9 week-old pure-blooded German Shepherd puppy, last Friday. His boss at work told him … Continue reading I tried. (Puppy love VS Chronic Illness)

A quick rundown of my diagnoses / disabilities

Septo-Optic Dysplasia (SOD) Which caused: -  Panhypopituitarism (PHP) I'm being treated for the following deficiencies caused by PHP: -Hypothyroidism-Hypogonadism-Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency-Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency -  Optic Nerve Hypoplasia Causing partial blindness due to: -Bitemporal Hemianopsia (complete loss of peripheral vision)-Double Nystagmus (which moves at different speeds at different directions)-Overall low vision -  Absence of Septum Pellucidum Here are … Continue reading A quick rundown of my diagnoses / disabilities