What PE taught me about my Rare Disease

https://soundcloud.com/sunny-ammerman/what-pe-taught-me-about-my-rare-disease I had originally planned for this article to be about my history of failing Physical Education (PE) classes. I suspected that because I was not properly educated on the health issues caused by my rare disease at the time, and had an inability to exercise like my peers, that this had a negative impact … Continue reading What PE taught me about my Rare Disease


Rare Disease Day 2019

Today is Rare Disease Day! The theme for this year is #ShowYourStripes, which I love because of its reference to the term “zebra”, which many of us with rare disorders call ourselves. This comes from the old phrase physicians turn to when dealing with patients; “when you hear hoofprints, think ‘horse’, not ‘zebra’.” This mindset (while reasonable) … Continue reading Rare Disease Day 2019